Enhanced Disaster Recovery with Cross-VC NSX and SRM

Enhanced Disaster Recovery with Cross-VC NSX and SRM


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Check-out the new Disaster Recovery with NSX and SRM whitepaper that explains how Cross-VC NSX + VMware’s SRM offers an Enhanced Disaster Recovery (DR) solution and solves many of the challenges related to traditional DR solutions. This solution provides consistent logical networking and security across protected and recovery sites and faster recovery upon disaster scenarios. A summary and overview of the solution is provided below. 

NSX can be used with a DR orchestration tool such as VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for a robust DR solution. Further, integration between NSX and SRM provides an enhanced DR solution with additional automation. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of such an enhanced DR solution leveraging Cross-VC NSX and SRM. For a quick refresher on the Cross-VC NSX feature introduced in NSX 6.2, see the prior blog post, Cross-VC NSX for Multi-site Solutions. For additional information on the solution described in this post check-out the newDisaster Recovery with NSX and SRM whitepaper.

As discussed in the prior blog, Cross-VC NSX for Multi-site Solutions, the Cross-VC NSX feature allows for the creation of universal objects that can span across multiple vCenter domains which could also be at different sites. Universal logical networks leveraging universal networking and security constructs such as Universal Logical Switch (ULS), Universal Distributed Logical Router (UDLR), and Universal Distributed Firewall (UDFW) can now be created across multiple vCenter domains/sites.


See the full article – http://blogs.vmware.com/networkvirtualization/2016/04/enhanced-disaster-recovery-with-nsx-and-srm.html


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