Last Call: Prove Your Cloud Mastery and Get a Free VR Kit

Last Call: Prove Your Cloud Mastery and Get a Free VR Kit

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It’s time for the final round of the vCloud Air Challenge! If you’re just joining now, it’s not too late. Put your cloud skills to the test and you may walk away with a free VR kit.

The vCloud Air Challenge is a quiz designed to check the knowledge of top network architects. Questions cover topics such as: the hybrid cloud’s benefits, how data center configuration impacts operations, vCloud deployment methods, and optimization of sample workloads.

Think you have mastery over vCloud Air? Take the challenge to see how you compare to others. Don’t think of yourself as an expert? Hints will be given and answers eventually revealed – allowing you to improve your skills.

For the highest scores, there’s a cherry on top. The prize is a free HTC Vive VR kit. Some have been given out previously, but now it’s time for the final round. So whether you’re not satisfied with earlier results, or you’re stumbling across the vCloud Air challenge for the first time, this is your last chance to win!

The quiz only takes five minutes. Here’s how to get started:

  • Study materials on the cloud.
  • Register for the challenge here.
  • Take the quiz anytime between July 14th – 27th.

Winners will be announced on social media, so follow @vCloud on Twitter or ‘like’ us on Facebook to see if you’ve won.

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