Looking For More Details On VMware’s New Airwatch Express Offering?

Looking For More Details On VMware’s New Airwatch Express Offering?

The below bullets will give you a great overview of VMware’s new Airwatch Express offering. It will tell you it’s features, benefits, retail pricing, business purpose, etc.



Airwatch Express :

  • Limitations:
    • For (500) Devices or less!
    • Can switch to Airwatch Green package if you go over (500) devices in the future
    • ONLY available in a CLOUD environment, has no On-Prem edition/version!
    • No need to install & configure Airwatch!
  • Business Purpose:
    • Simple MDM solution designed to get mobile devices up and running quickly with key apps and resources while protecting important work data
    • Launched for companies that don’t have a heavy investment in IT and don’t have dedicated IT resources
  • Pricing (Retail): $2.50 per device/month
  • Purchasing:
    • Can be purchased through Airwatch.com website and can be paid by Credit Card.
    • Can also be purchased through VMware’s resellers and directly from VMware
  • Support:
    • 12 hr x 5 day support and Online resources (submit service requests, FAQ’s, documentation, etc.)
  • Airwatch Express – (3) Main Benefits:
    • Zero-Touch Configuration – 
      • Asset Inventory
      • App Distribution
      • Wi-Fi Connection
      • Email
    • Foolproof Security – 
      • Encrypt Data
      • Data Leakage Protection
      • Remote Lock & Wipe
    • Easy to Use Cloud – 
      • Easy Setup
      • System Integration
      • On-Demand Support
  • Misc. Functions, Features, & Technical Aspects:
    • Supports Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms
    • Admin’s can create as many Blueprints as they want to ensure people get the proper access to apps and resources based on policies
    • Integrates into the App, Android, and Microsoft App Stores
    • Apps can be pushed to devices or provided On-Demand via Airwatch App catalog
    • Can automatically setup wireless and email configurations to devices for the users
    • Automatically configure email and office apps where the user doesn’t have to enter their credentials
    • Admin’s can protect company data by setting policies to require passcodes, device encryption, screen capture, copy/paste functions, and locate or wipe a device if lost or stolen.
    • Admin’s can gain real-time visibility into the devices with information such as security status of compromised devices as well as export reports from the dashboards.

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