VMworld 2016 – Hands On Labs (HOL)

VMworld 2016 – Hands On Labs (HOL)


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I Had a great time working the Hands On Labs (HOL) at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas this week. Working with my fellow SE’s that make the HOL run smooth is always a great experience. The amount of brain power in one area is just incredible, makes me very humble and honored to be a part of the HOL! All of us SE’s volunteer their time to build these labs and then assist our customers and partners learn while taking the labs is truly a satisfying experience.


We broke (3) all time HOL records this year!   

  • The number of labs taken in a single day!
  • The number of people that took labs in a single day!
  • Total number of labs taken during VMworld!

This years new HOL labs will eventually be released to the public facing HOL environment little by little. All the labs should be available within a few weeks after VMworld in Barcelona, Spain. So if you didn’t get time to go through the labs you wanted, you will be able to go through them from home or work in the near future. So keep an eye for them at the below link!

File Sep 02, 10 09 26 AM

VMware Hands On Labs (HOL) – Public Facing:  labs.hol.vmware.com



File Sep 02, 10 10 29 AM

File Sep 02, 10 09 56 AM

File Sep 02, 10 10 06 AM

File Sep 02, 10 10 16 AM





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