Debunking some behavior “myths” in 3 node vSAN…

Debunking some behavior “myths” in 3 node vSAN cluster []

Debunking some behavior “myths” in 3 node vSAN…

I recently noticed a blog post describing some very strange behaviors in 2-node and 3-node vSAN clusters. I was especially concerned to read that when they introduced a failure and then fixed that failure, they did not experience any auto-recovery. I have reached out to the authors of the post, just to check out some things such as version of vSAN, type of failure, etc. Unfortunately I haven’t had a response as yet, but I did feel compelled to put the record straight. In the following post, I am going to introduce a variety of operations and failures in my 3-node cluster, and show you exactly how things are supposed to behave. I will look at maintenance mode behavior, network failure and a flash device failure. Please forgive some of the…Read More

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