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My name is Tim, and I created this site to help the VMware customers and partners I support. My hope is that it will provide useful sales and technical information related to VMware solutions as well as other related industry news. Hopefully, you will find this information useful and feel free to offer up suggestions for my site. On the home page you will find links to my Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel, click on the icons and follow me!

In August of 2017, I started a new venture in my VMware career as a Commercial Field Solutions Engineer covering all Commercial Select and Emerging customers in the state of Florida and lower Alabama. After almost four years as a Partner SE managing Distribution and Corporate Resellers, it’s time to get my feet wet as a field SE and get direct customer facing experience. With current position, I may not have as much time to dedicate to my social media outlets. But I will do my best to keep up with them to still provide valuable information to my previous partners as well as hopefully my new commercial customers!

My IT background started sixteen years ago started out working as a Desktop Support Technician. I eventually worked my way up the ladder and worked as a Systems Administrator and then an engineer until coming to work for VMware. In recent years before coming to VMware, I also was teaching the 2008 MCSE track on the side at a local training center.

Prior to VMware, I was working as a DOD contractor working on large DOD enterprises for military commands such as CENTCOM and SOCOM. For over a year, I worked in the middle east working as the CENTCOM Systems Administration team lead in Qatar and also managed intel systems for an Army Intel unit in Iraq for a year. While working in the middle east, I took advantage of it and traveled to several countries such as Egypt, Italy, Thailand, Kuwait, and UAE which was an incredible experience.

For fifteen years, I was a member of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves. For the first nine years I worked as an Avionics (Aviation Electronics) Technician working on military aircraft (KC-135, C-9, & F-16). I also worked as an Air Force Reserve Recruiter and lastly worked as a Communications Specialist working on servers, desktops, and crypto equipment.

In my free time, I enjoy technology, riding my motorcycle, camping, scuba diving, travel, music, and playing video games. My next adventure coming up is to go skydiving!

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