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Cohesity DataPlatform™ consolidates data and applications including backups, files, objects, dev/test, and analytics on a single, software-defined platform. Inspired by web-scale architecture, DataPlatform is a scale-out solution based on a unique distributed file system, SpanFS®.

DataPlatform modernizes and simplifies data and application management by providing one platform for multiple workloads. Although most organizations begin their journeys to overcoming mass data fragmentation by simplifying data protection, DataPlatform’s flexible architecture allows easy expansion to additional use cases, further increasing operational simplicity and improved TCO.

Because DataPlatform is a software solution, it works equally efficiently on-premises on qualified Cisco, HPE, Dell, or Cohesity hyperconverged platforms as well as in the public cloud.

DataPlatform has (2) editions which are Base and Standard:

DataPlatform Base – Provides no space efficiency (deduplication & compression), meant for use cases such as IoT Big Data, Video Surveillance, Large image files, and Healthcare in which there is little to no opportunity for deduplicating or compressing the data. Also does not support the use of our DataProtect solution for providing backups and recoveries of virtual machines and data.

DataPlatform Standard – Provides the ability to deduplicate and compress data, user storage quotas, use with our virtualized editions, backup/recovery use case, home directories, files shares, and much much more.

DataPlatform – Cloud Edition:

Public cloud expansion will continue to see double digit growth over the next five years, according to IDC1. Your organization is likely already taking advantage of its ease and flexibility. However, you may be creating more silos of secondary storage and data that increase cost and complexity. Creating a single consistent operating model and user interface should be key to your hybrid cloud strategy for secondary data and applications.

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition™ allows you to consolidate test/dev, disaster recovery, and cloud-native backup in a single solution, providing a consistent operating model and environment, whether you choose AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Single, Simple Solution – Streamline operations for all your secondary data and applications in the cloud using the same user interface.
  • Superior TCO – Maximize storage efficiency with variable-length, global deduplication.
  • Comprehensive Security – Secure your data with software-based encryption, both in the cloud and during replication.

DataPlatform for Edge:

Cohesity DataPlatform for Edge dramatically simplifies data management and protection in the remote and branch office locations by consolidating backup, recovery, file services and object storage on a single software-defined solution, managed through a global user interface.

The solution offers enterprise-class capabilities, similar to the core and can be deployed on leading hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, RHEL) and on certified HPE and Cisco 1U1N servers.

Cohesity DataPlatform for Edge allows easy, policy-based data mobility to the core and leading public cloud providers for long term archival, replication and tiering.

SpanFS Distributed File System:

Designed to combine the best of enterprise and cloud stacks, SpanFS exposes industry-standard, globally distributed NFS, SMB and S3 interfaces.

The IO Engine detects random vs. sequential IO profiles, splits the data into chunks, performs deduplication and directs to the most appropriate storage tier.

SpanFS also includes a new Metadata Store based on a consistent, distributed, NoSQL store for fast operations at scale.

SnapTree® provides a distributed meta data structure based on B+ tree concepts. It supports unlimited, frequent snapshots with no performance degradation.


Cohesity DataProtect is a high-performance, software-defined backup and recovery solution for modern, application-driven infrastructure that spans from the core to the cloud and edge.

Complementing Cohesity DataPlatform, it delivers comprehensive protection with policy-based management for all workloads, anywhere—virtual and physical, databases, NAS, cloud environments, and business-critical applications—on a single, webscale
platform that converges backup, recovery, replication, and target storage.

Web-Scale Simplicity with Broad Application Support –
Cohesity DataProtect radically simplifies data protection by eliminating legacy backup silos and managing backup and recovery infrastructure with a single, easy-to-navigate user interface. It provides consistent and
comprehensive enterprise-class protection for a broad set of virtual, physical, databases, traditional and modern Kubernetes-based applications, and NAS workloads, and natively integrates with the leading cloud providers.

Lightning Fast Recovery –
The solution features near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and near-instant recovery time objectives (RTOs) to meet business service-level agreements (SLAs). Combined with Cohesity Helios, quickly search and recover data on any Cohesity cluster, located anywhere. DataProtect uniquely reduces downtime by instantly mass restoring any number of virtual machines (VMs) to any point in time, and reduces data protection costs by 70% or more.

Flexibility that Extends into the Cloud –
A software-defined solution designed to address current and future business needs, Cohesity DataProtect includes automated, policy-based management and scale-out limitlessly with a pay-as-you-grow model. It
allows enterprises to take advantage of public cloud’s elasticity and economics with a cloud-first design, offering unparalleled data and app mobility, and maximum storage efficiency and security in the cloud with compression, dedupe, and encryption.


SaaS-based, global data and application management –
Cohesity Helios™ provides a single view and global management of your data and applications wherever they reside—on-premises, cloud, and edge. Add Cohesity Helios to your multi-cluster environment, and you gain unprecedented global access and control over your data and apps.

Unify your data and apps –
Much more than a passive dashboard, Cohesity Helios utilizes cutting edge algorithms to proactively assess IT needs and automate infrastructure resources. Cohesity Helios goes beyond accelerating IT efficiency and
simplicity at a global scale.

With Cohesity DataPlatform and Helios you can:

  • Easily move data and apps to any location for archiving, dev/test, or analytics
  • Effectively build out your hybrid cloud strategy
  • Improve business continuity with instant, global mass restore of any app

Helios comes in (2) Editions, Standard and Premium. Helios Standard is FREE to all Cohesity customers and Helios Premium requires a license.

Helios Mobile App –

Get the simplicity and power of Cohesity data management in the palm of your hand. It’s free, and available now for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The Helios mobile app is configured by simply inserting your Helios API key into the app.

Helios App Views –

  • Health of clusters.
  • Storage Status.
  • Protection job statuses.
  • Alerts.
  • Throughput.

Marketplace (Apps):

The Cohesity platform and it’s file system services natively run as containers. Because of this, we can run containerized apps and services on top of our platform easily. Cohesity has created numerous free apps as well as work with 3rd party software companies to create containerized versions of their software to run on our platform.

Cohesity Apps (FREE) –

  • Spotlight – Log analytics.
  • Insight – Search for file types, PII data, etc.
  • Runbook – VMware VM Failover/Failback automation.
  • Reporting – Custom report creation using JReports.
  • Cyberscan (Tenable) – Discover, assess, respond to cyber exposures.
  • EasyScript – Create, upload, execute scripts.
  • NetTools – Essential network troubleshooting tools

3rd Party Apps (requires 3rd party licenses)

  • Splunk – Search, index, analyze, and visualize data.
  • SentinalOne – AI-powered threat detection.
  • Cristie BMR – Bare Metal Recovery of physical servers.
  • ClamAV (Free) – Open-source Anti-Virus.

Analytics Workbench:

Cohesity Analytics Workbench (AWB) empowers organizations to find new and meaningful business insights in their data while parsing the same massive data sets to prevent cybercrime and compliance violations.

Cohesity DataPlatform™ consolidates all data in a single platform, whether across on-premises, the cloud, or remote sites. Cohesity AWB is an in-place data analytics solution available within Cohesity DataPlatform that allows business to analyze and extract detailed information directly without the need to migrate data to an application server.

AWB comes with three applications—Pattern Finder, Password Detector, and Video Compressor—to support critical use cases including eDiscovery, threat analysis, and compliance monitoring, saving IT and business leaders time. AWB also allows IT to develop new custom applications using open APIs.

SmartFiles (NAS – File/Object Store):

Cohesity SmartFiles is the industry’s first software-defined, data-centric,
multiprotocol file and object solution for the enterprise. SmartFiles is
part of the Cohesity DataPlatform and goes beyond traditional scale-out
NAS in manageability, scale, storage efficiency, integrated applications,
cybersecurity, and multi-tiered data management.

Unlike traditional NAS, the Cohesity DataPlatform with SmartFiles is datacentric, not storage or infrastructure centric. This means there is no need to move data to apps as apps and data are integrated in the same platform. This removes the complexity and cost of running file ecosystem apps for file environments.

Cohesity Marketplace apps and machine-learning assisted management provide intelligence and ease-of management that separates SmartFiles from traditional scale-out NAS appliances. It’s smart and with virtually effortless management regardless of scale. SmartFiles uniquely provides freedom of choice, broad compatibility, stress-free management, integrated security, search of the entire geographic enterprise, and lower storage cost.

Key Benefits –

  • Freedom of choice
  • Broad compatibility
  • Stress-free operation
  • Eliminate security risks
  • Lower storage cost
  • “Google-like” search

Hardware Partnerships:

Pure Storage –

As a growing number of enterprises embrace all-flash for all-data, Cohesity and Pure Storage now offer peace of mind with Pure FlashRecover, Powered by Cohesity®. It’s the industry’s first jointly engineered, all-flash, modern data protection solution for rapid recovery, ransomware protection, and reuse of data.

With storage innovation from Pure Storage and modern backup from Cohesity, you’ll meet the most stringent data protection SLAs, defend all your backup data wherever it resides, and get the most value from your data.


Exponential data and application growth makes it increasingly challenging to protect, manage, and gain insights from all of your data for competitive advantage. The complex patchwork of specialized point products and
infrastructure silos that your teams must now manage across data centers and clouds contributes to mass data fragmentation — creating unnecessary business cost, risk, and operational burdens while preventing your
organization from realizing cloud benefits.

Cohesity and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) deliver an integrated and validated data management solution for non-latency sensitive data that eliminates silos so you can easily back up and extract insights from all of your data and apps. The best-of-breed solution, spanning on-premises, cloud, and the edge, combines the simplicity and efficiency of web-scale Cohesity data management software with the power and density of industry-leading, certified HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant Gen 10 servers with HPE Pointnext services. Complementing the HPE Intelligent Data Platform, the joint solution redefines data management for the vast majority of enterprise data — backups, archives, file shares, object stores, and data used for dev/test and analytics.

Cisco –

Data center modernization empowers your organization to take
advantage of all of your data, wherever it resides, for competitive
advantage. Yet the vast majority of your enterprise data—backups, archives,
file shares, object stores, and data used for dev/test and analytics—sits in
fragmented infrastructure silos that make data hard to protect, expensive
to manage, and difficult to analyze.

Cohesity and Cisco are teaming to solve mass data fragmentation by
consolidating silos onto one Cohesity web-scale platform—spanning
on-premises, cloud, and the edge—running on Cisco UCS, and uniquely
allowing your organization to run apps on that platform. This makes it easier than ever for you to back up and extract insights from your data.

Together, Cisco and Cohesity offer joint solutions that empower your
organization to:

  • Modernize non-latency sensitive data infrastructure with Cohesity
    on Cisco UCS to rapidly protect and share data, as well as use it
    seamlessly for agile dev/test, analytics, security, and compliance.
  • Modernize both latency-sensitive data infrastructure on Cisco
    HyperFlex and non-latency-sensitive data infrastructure on Cohesity—
    all running on Cisco UCS. In a Cisco Validated Design, you’re assured
    hyperconverged simplicity, multi-cloud agility, and global visibility.

Dell –

The Cohesity and Dell joint solution comes standard with
award winning Cohesity Premium software support, including
the option of a Cohesity Technical Account Manager (TAM) and
Dell’s ProSupport care for server hardware support. Tailored
options are available to further upgrade software and hardware
support levels to meet customer specific needs.

Dell and Cohesity collaborate using the Dell Dedicated OEM
Queue, a technical support queue available at no additional
cost for Dell ProSupport customers. This queue allows the two
companies to work together seamlessly and quickly to resolve
customer support issues.