VMware’s Biggest End-User Computing News of 2016, Yet!

Our Biggest End-User Computing News of 2016, Yet

VMware EUC News

We’re constantly working to make your job easier with technology that “just works” and end-user computing solutions that help your IT organization delight users and spend more time where it counts. Catch up on our newest end-user computing solutions and product versions we’ve announced so far in 2016.

App Volumes 3.0 takes the pain out of application lifecycle management.

Our VMware App Volumes 3.0 version added modern application lifecycle management capabilities to the solution, including AppToggle; AppCapture with AppIsolation; AppScaling with Multizones; Integrated Application, User Management and Monitoring Architecture and a Unified Administration Console.

Workspace ONE makes mobile productivity a reality.

VMware vForum Online

We were thrilled and proud to reveal VMware Workspace ONE, our digital workspace solution that marries consumer simplicity and enterprise security in a single enterprise platform. Workspace ONE includes a new unified app store, one-touch mobile single sign-on (SSO), ComplianceCheck conditional access and enterprise integrations for secure email and chat. With Workspace ONE, you can easily and securely deliver and manage any app on any device to empower your mobile workforce.

With AirWatch 8.3, you can stop sweating enterprise mobility.

We integrated VMware AirWatch 8.3 into Workspace ONE to create a consumer simple, unified user experience across applications and devices. AirWatch 8.3 expands the Privacy First initiative and the VMware NSX integration with AirWatch. We enhanced end-user privacy with 1) a new educational website for end users, 2) an app that gives users transparency into what IT sees on their devices and 3) a new Privacy Officer role in the console that takes privacy policy management off of IT administrators’ plates. And with AirWatch and NSX integration, administrators can micro-segment access to the datacenter by devices, applications and users from a single console. With the release of 8.3, we also introduced industry templates for iOS, which simplify mobile deployments for industry-specific use cases.

Cha-ching! Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode saves you time and money managing virtual desktops.

We released a new solution, Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, to help make virtual desktops even faster and more cost-efficient to set up and manage. Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode enables you to deliver virtual desktops from your on-premises infrastructure and manage them from a single cloud control plane.

Horizon 7 blasts desktop and application virtualization into the mobile-cloud era.

We dropped a ground-breaking release of VMware Horizon, Horizon 7, which reinvents desktop and application virtualization. Among Horizon 7’s new technologies, Instant Clones lets you provision desktops in seconds, Smart Policies give you granular control over the desktop experience, the new Blast Extreme protocol heightens the user experience and True SSO supports a wider range of authentication methods.

Horizon 7

Mirage 5.7 lets you get dangerous with Windows 10 management.

We expanded features for Windows 10 management with the release of VMware Mirage 5.7. Mirage 5.7 allows you to remotely provision new or existing endpoints and offers several new restore, recover and revert options.

UEM 9.0 proves simplicity is better.

We further simplified end-user profile management with the release of VMware User Environment Manager 9.0(UEM). The 9.0 release 1) allows you to dynamically manage client settings with brand new Smart Policies, 2) enriches the conditional policies for app authorization, 3) enables seamless application personalization and configuration of VMware ThinApp packages with UEM and 4) enhances user data management.

Boxer (finally) makes mobile email easy to manage and secure.


Finally, just this month we announced the availability of theVMware Boxer mobile email app for Workspace ONE and AirWatch customers. Boxer delivers a consumer simple email experience that makes it easy to organize your inbox and reply to emails on the go in just a few taps and swipes, and Boxer helps IT secure the data in your mobile inbox with enterprise grade security.

Keep up with the VMware End-User Computing Blog and follow VMware Horizon and VMware AirWatch on Twitter to see what we announce next (because we’re not done with you, yet, 2016).

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