Airwatch Package Changes as of OCT 1st!

Airwatch Package Changes as of OCT 1st!




WHAT:  AirWatch packaging changes for Oct 1st, 2016.

CHANGES:  We are removing “PER-USER” pricing of AirWatch Blue & Yellow packes.

REASON:  To eliminate duplication between Workspace ONE Advanced (as it’s the same product).


  • Airwatch Blue and Yellow will continue to be offered in “Per-Device” pricing and customers interested in buying AirWatch in “Per-User” pricing simply need to buy Workspace ONE Advanced.
  • AirWatch “Per-User” Licensed Color Suites Going End of Availability (EOA) on October 1st.
  • AirWatch Blue and Yellow “Per-User” Bundles will be given free entitlement to Workspace ONE.
  • Advanced (and Yellow customers will also maintain their entitlement to Telecom).
  • Green and Orange customers may continue to expand or renew their current deployment . (AirWatch per-Device Color Suites are unaffected.)


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