Cohesity Announces SiteContinuity (Automated DR)

On September 28, 2020 Cohesity announced Cohesity SiteContinuity, an automated disaster recovery solution that is integrated with the company’s backup and continuous data protection capabilities — making it the only web-scale, converged solution to protect applications across tiers, service levels, and locations on a single platform.

NOTE: (GA) General Availability will be in version 6.6 which will be released potentially in December 2020.

Cohesity is making this announcement as organizations are concerned about losing data to ransomware attacks, natural disasters, or human error. This new integrated solution will help companies ensure data isn’t lost, applications are available, costs are reduced — by eliminating redundant or unnecessary infrastructure — and that strict service-level agreements (SLAs) are met.

SiteContinuity uses our existing (CDP) Continuous Data Protection feature to deliver near-zero (RPOs) Recovery Point Objectives for your mission-critical virtual machines. Near-zero RPOs means every change and every I/O is protected, and in the case of disaster, minimizing your data loss and downtime.

Leveraging vSphere APIs for I/O filtering (VAIO), Cohesity intercepts I/Os between the protected VM and its underlining storage. This approach captures changes and helps reconstructing a copy of your VM directly on
Cohesity. As a journal-based solution, Cohesity maintains a journal of all I/Os received from the VM. Built-in intelligence allows the periodic consolidation of log deltas and the foundational VMDK. The implication: fullyhydrated recovery points, at any point in time—ensuring near-zero RPOs and rapid RTOs.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) ensures that you recover all of your data, not just most of it. CDP delivers real-time protection for VMware vSphere virtual machines, augmenting your existing snapshot-backups data
protection strategy.

The CDP Solution offers:

  • Enterprise-class data resiliency
  • Operational simplicity with high fault tolerance
  • Efficient flexibility

Cohesity’s SiteContinuity converged backup and disaster recovery solution provides:

  • Simplified Operations:  Consolidate backup, continuous data protection and automated disaster recovery on a single platform, managed through one global UI and a unified policy framework, across application tiers, service levels, and environments.
  • Near-zero Application Downtime and Data Loss:  With just a few clicks, automatically orchestrate failover and failback of a single application or an entire site, ensuring minimum data loss and downtime as business applications are rapidly recovered in a disaster scenario.
  • Flexible Recovery:  Journal-based recovery helps to meet varying service levels across application tiers by restoring to any point in time — including days or even seconds before the disaster hit, on-premises or to the public cloud.
  • Machine Learning-Based Ransomware Detection and Recommendation: At the time of failover and/or restore, Cohesity Helios’ machine learning algorithm helps identify a clean point in time to restore. This helps protect the DR site from malware impact during the failover process.
  • Disaster Testing:  Meet DR compliance objectives with confidence through end-to-end automated non-disruptive disaster recovery testing, including complete audit trail reporting.
  • Reduced TCO:  Reduce costs by converging backup and DR, eliminating the need for separate point products and driving better storage efficiency. Further reduce data footprint and costs with global variable-length deduplication and compression across workloads. Additionally, there is no need to deploy dedicated virtual machines to support recovery of each ESXi host.
  • Limitless Scalability:  The underlying web-scale architecture of the Cohesity platform enables organizations to scale BCDR capabilities limitlessly and painlessly.

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