New Feature Added to EUC TestDrive Demo Environment: VMware Verify!

New Feature Added to EUC TestDrive Demo Environment:

VMware Verify!




TestDrive is a fully featured, integrated and globally available demonstration environment provided by VMware for use by our Field, Partners and Customers. Powered by VMware Workspace Suite, TestDrive features: Workspace ONE, Horizon Desktop and Application Virtualization, Horizon FLEX and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management. Check out our knowledge base for assistance with Registration, activation, passwords, customer invites and demo walkthroughs.

VMware Identity Manager has integrated with two-factor authentication solutions up to this point using SAML and RADIUS protocols.  However, customers who did not already have a 2FA solution had to purchase one separately. Now, VMware Verify is built in to VMware Identity Manager at no additional cost, providing a 2FA solution for Workspace ONE applications.

VMware Verify can be set as a requirement on a per app basis for web or virtual apps on the Workspace ONE launcher OR to login to Workspace ONE to view your launcher in the first place. The VMware Verify app is currently available on iOS and Android.

VMware Verify supports 3 methods of authentication:

  • OneTouch approval
  • One-time passcode via VMware Verify app (soft token)
  • One-time passcode over SMS


VMware Verify (FAQ, Walkthrough Info & Talking Points):

VMware Verify Walkthrough Video – Direct Link:

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