It’s Here: ‘Network Virtualization For Dummies’

It’s Here: ‘Network Virtualization For Dummies’


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Today, just about all enterprise data centers have virtualized a significant portion of their server resources, and a large percentage are moving to virtualize their storage resources as well.

That’s because the majority of IT organizations are realizing the payoff that comes with virtualization—things like better utilization of resources, increased IT agility, and lower capital and operational costs. Organizations have not yet virtualized their network resources, meanwhile, are leaving a lot of money on the table—in terms of potential capital and operational cost savings, increased data center security, and greater business and IT agility.

But could that payoff be even bigger? That’s the question asked in the new reference book “Network Virtualization for Dummies,” which explores the benefits of network virtualization in depth. Published by Wiley and sponsored by VMware, the book offers a crash course on the new, virtualized approach to the network, which is a key building block for the software-defined data center.


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