What makes a successful cloud project?

What makes a successful cloud project?


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Is it a new and advanced architecture, superb orchestration engine, cloud portal or is it a the that manages all cloud elements? All the factors mentioned above are extremely important but the thing that makes a cloud successful is the ability to quickly provide valuable services and manage them

Trying to catch up consumer’s needs.

Picture2In today’s world, developers of the fastest and most agile platform that will enable them to write test and push code as easy and fast as possible. Enterprise developers are some of the most common users of today’s enterprise cloud implementations. Cloud Administrators chose developers as the first citizens of the cloud , because they are eager to be fast and agile, but here’s the dilemma: Can IT deliver services as fast and agile as the developers wants them?


See the full article – https://clouddeparture.com/2016/04/18/cloudservicefactory/


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