AirWatch 9.0 Was Announced Today with a Number of New Features!

AirWatch 9.0 Was Announced Today with a Number of New Features!



Press Release:

There are 3 major announcements:

     1.       VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management

     2.       VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Productivity Enhancements

     3.       Safe Passage and Mobile Device Management (MDM) Migration Tools

1.     VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management – AirWatch UEM is available as a stand-alone product or as a part of Workspace ONE.

With AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) we are able to provide a holistic and user-centric approach to manage all endpoints in an organization – mobile, desktop and IoT – in a modern cloud approach with a single platform.

·       Traditional  desktops and laptops

·       Mobile devices of all form factors, operating systems (OS) and manufacturers

·       Rugged and critical operations line of business endpoints

·       Next-gen connected wearables and things


Rethink Legacy Desktop & Laptop Management

Here’s a recap of these powerful features and a look into two brand new Windows Management capabilities:

·       Configuration Management: Operating system (OS) configuration can be orchestrated whether the device is on the domain, network or in cloud.

·       Software Distribution: Package and deliver any app (modern or Win32) to end users on or off the network. Consolidate apps into a unified self-service application catalog with single sign-on (SSO) authentication.

·       Tech Preview of App Stack Packaging (Project A2): Reduce packaging complexities and provide a more reliable and less intrusive way to deliver Win32 apps out to physical devices.

·       OS Patch Management: Flexible management of OS updates and patches from the cloud eliminate the need for traditional WSUS infrastructure, helping organizations adopt Windows-as-a-Service.

·       Client Health and Security: Complementing Windows Information Protection policies available in Windows 10, IT administrators can enhance security, designate trusted applications, configure enterprise-protected boundaries and enforce flexible data moving and/or sharing policies.

·       Windows 10 Migration Assessment Tool: New SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service provides a comprehensive analysis of your end-user computing (EUC) environment. The assessment makes recommendations on an optimal approach for deploying and managing Windows 10 across physical and virtual endpoints. Click here to dive into the powerful features and get started for free at


Scale & Manage IoT, Augmented Reality & Mixed Virtual Experiences

Leveraging our core strengths around device management, we:

·       Partnered with leading smart glasses manufacturers and AR app developers, like Atheer, APX, Intel, ODG and VUZIX Corp, to build Android and Windows 10 wearable management and app delivery at scale.

·       Expanded the same unified endpoint management platform you already use to include wearable management. Now, you can manage smart glasses alongside your current mobile, tablet and laptop deployments. The updates will bring IT a simplified onboarding experience to easily set up devices with networks and applications.

·       Announced support for Windows 10 IoT and Surface Hub devices.

Read Bhavesh Kumar’s blog to delve into these exciting new capabilities.


2.     Workspace ONE Mobile Productivity Enhancements

New innovations enable real-time security across apps without sacrificing end-user experience:

·       OS Mobile Application Management (MAM): Enables organizations to expand their MAM container on the device to any application but without having to do traditional MDM management.

·       Continuous Access Policy: Instantly block access to in-use applications if devices fail compliance, such as leaving a beacon-enabled area.

·       Password Form Fill: IT can now extend the single sign-on (SSO) experience to non-standards based web apps. Admins teach Workspace ONE where usernames and passwords are in specific web-based apps, and the new Workspace ONE Browser extension injects those credentials as needed.

·       Internal app distribution: Through the Workspace ONE app catalog, admins can now distribute internally developed apps to unmanaged devices without uploading into public app stores.

·       Device compliance-based conditional access: For VMware Horizon apps and desktops, IT can now extend VMware’s leading access policy engine for virtual apps and desktops.

·       Self-service password reset: Employees and contractors can now reset their passwords directly within Workspace ONE with no IT involvement – saving valuable IT time and resources.

Learn more about Workspace ONE at


3.     Mobile Device Management Migration Tool & Safe Passage

As this industry evolution continues, many organizations are finding themselves with multiple point management solutions for mobile, desktop, apps and even IoT. To help customers transition to a comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform, AirWatch is offering several migration services from traditional MDM players to VMware AirWatch. Additionally, VMware has expanded its Safe Passage program to help BlackBerry customers who must now migrate from Good for Enterprise with the recent end-of-life announcement and launched a MDM migration tool. These services will streamline the process from transitioning to VMware AirWatch with minimal end-user impact.


To learn more about the MDM migration tool, read this great blog from Jeff McGrath.

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