VMware’s Partner Provided – End User Computing (EUC) TestDrive DEMO Environment!

VMware’s Partner Provided – End User Computing (EUC)  TestDrive DEMO Environment!


For many of VMware’s partners, they don’t have a demo environment in which they can deploy VMware’s End User Computing solutions such as Horizon 7, App Volumes, User Environment Manager (UEM), etc. This is due to not having the spare server hardware or the funds to purchase hardware just for a demo environment. As a partner, they need to be able to demo the VMware EUC based solutions to their customers to show the value as it relates to the customer’s business needs.

Well the VMware partners are in luck! VMware has provided a EUC demo environment called “EUC TestDrive” in which our partners can access to demo EUC solutions to your customers. Many of the below VMware solutions are installed and ready to demo in the EUC TestDrive environment.

So if you are a VMware partner that resells VMware’s EUC-based solutions, make sure you look into the below requirements to get an account and use the EUC TestDrive Demo environment! Also, I have created an enablement video where I go through the EUC TestDrive demo environment and provide you an overview of how to use the portal and what capabilities are offered in it. So check out my overview video listed below!

EUC TestDrive Demo Environment Overview Enablement Video:  https://youtu.be/zGqiS6Mf8gc

VMware Solutions in EUC TestDrive Demo Environment:

  • Horizon 7 (Virtual Desktops)
    • NVIDIA vGPU enabled virtual desktops (High Performance – Graphics Intensive Applications)
  • Workspace ONE / VMware Identity Manager (SSO Portal)
  • VMware Verify (2-Factor Authentication)
  • TrustPoint (Enterprise Endpoint Security)
  • App Volumes (Application Virtualization)
  • (UEM) User Environment Manager (User Profile Management)
  • Airwatch / Airwatch Express (Mobile Device Management)
  • vRealize Operations for Horizon (Operations & Monitoring)
  • vRealize Log Insight (Log Management)
  • NSX Integrations with EUC Solutions (Virtual networking & security)

Partner Requirements for EUC TestDrive Account:

EUC TestDrive DEMO Portal:  https://www.vmtestdrive.com

EUC TestDrive “How-To” Videos:  https://videos.vmtestdrive.com/

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