Adobe Flash Crashes The vSphere Web Client – NOW FIXED!!

Adobe Flash Crashes The

vSphere Web Client – NOW FIXED!!



As you may or may not be aware, Adobe Flash had released an update for most of the common web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and IE. After you updated to that version, it created the issue where you were unable to log into the vSphere Web Client and the vCloud Director (vCD) interface. Obviously this was a big deal since most businesses are running on the VMware hypervisor and unable to manage their environments when this happened.

VMware released a KB article which discussed what the issue was and a potential workaround to resolve the issue until a permanent fix came out by Adobe.

VMware KB Article:

Adobe believes they have resolved the issue and has officially release an update Flash to version There are two ways in which you can get the latest update:

  1. Go out to to download the latest version. OR
  2. To update Google Chrome’s embedded Flash version, go to chrome://components and look for the Adobe Flash and check for updates.


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