The Next vSphere BETA is Now Accepting Customer Applications!

The Next vSphere BETA is

Now Accepting Customer Applications!

Are you interested in being a BETA tester for the next release of vSphere? If so, now is your chance to sign up and possibly get the chance to be a beta tester!

vSphere BETA Blog:

We are excited to announce the new VMware vSphere Beta Program. This program enables participants to help define the direction of the most widely adopted industry-leading virtualization platform.

Folks who want to participate in the program can now indicate their interest by filling out this simple form. The vSphere team will grant access to the program to selected candidates in stages.

This vSphere Beta Program leverages a private community to access beta software and share information. We will provide discussion forums, webinars, and service requests to enable you to share your feedback with us.

This beta program is different from our past programs in that it is not tied to a specific version or release only. We are now moving to a beta program that, along with the new beta community, will continue through multiple releases of vSphere. Participants can expect to see new functionalities and capabilities added on an ongoing basis for their feedback.

There are a couple of options to engage with the beta features being offered, once you are selected:

  • Hosted Beta – You can expect to try and test new features in vSphere Beta software in a VMware hosted environment, leveraging pre-defined workflows. This will provide us with valuable insight into how you use the new features and capabilities with a variety of test cases, enabling us to better align our product with your business needs.
  • Download Beta – You will also have the opportunity to download the beta software and test in your own lab environment.


Click Here To Sign Up!


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