NSX Logical Views – Cheat Sheet

NSX Logical Views – Cheat Sheet

Back about two years ago I took a NSX Bootcamp. After the bootcamp, I wanted to create a cheat sheet for myself since I don’t have a networking background and it was the first time working with NSX. That way I had something to look at later to refer to as a reminder. So I created these two pages where the one is a “simple” logical view and the other is a more detailed logical view. Although I created this two years ago, it covers the core components and concepts of NSX, so it is still accurate and relevant to the latest versions of NSX.

The detailed page (shown in the picture above) shows all the components of NSX, each component’s function, the intercommunication between them, what plane (Management, Control, or Data) they are in, etc.

I think most individuals will find it useful, especially those that are new to NSX. If you have any questions on the PDF that my overview video doesn’t answer, feel free to email me from this site.

NSX Logical View – Overview Video:  https://thevirtuallyconnected.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/NSX-Logical-View-Slides.mp4

NSX Logical Views – PDF:  https://thevirtuallyconnected.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/NSX-Logical-Views-1.pdf


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