EUC TestDrive – Airwatch Admin Console DEMO Video!

EUC TestDrive – Airwatch Admin Console DEMO Video!




AirWatch is a comprehensive enterprise mobility platform that delivers simplified access to enterprise apps, secures corporate data and enables mobile productivity.

VMware’s EUC TestDrive Demo environment is a fully featured, integrated and globally available demonstration environment provided by VMware for use by our Field, Partners and Customers. Powered by VMware Workspace Suite, TestDrive features: Workspace ONE, Horizon Desktop and Application Virtualization, Horizon FLEX and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management.

If you are looking to get familiar with the Airwatch Admin Console, then take the time to check out my new enablement video. Using VMware’s EUC TestDrive demo environment, I go into the Airwatch Admin console and show you the information related to the mobile device registered with Airwatch. The console can show you what kind of devices are registered, what operating systems they have, compliance related issues based on policies, installed applications/videos/documents, provide analysis and reporting on everything, and much more!

EUC TestDrive – Airwatch Admin Portal DEMO Video:  CLICK HERE!

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