VMware’s New “Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)” Tool for VMware Partners!

VMware’s New “Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)” Tool for VMware Partners!


In this session, I do an overview of VMware’s new Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) for partners. I go through a slide presentation to go over the basics of it, then go into a demo showing the vRealize Business for Cloud interface, and finally I go through a sample report!

This assessment is extremely helpful when used in conjunction with our vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) to provide costing comparison for running your workloads either in your Private or in a Public Cloud. This tool will help you analyze which is the most cost effective place to run your workloads. The HCA uses vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC) to provide the analysis and costing comparison information. In this video, I go through the vRBC interface to show you the cost comparison information along with going through a sample report from the assessment.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment Overview Video:  https://youtu.be/-6PmZiQBN0w

2 thoughts on “VMware’s New “Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)” Tool for VMware Partners!

  1. It appears that sometime recently VMware has broken the HCA. They consolidated the HCA functionality into the vSphere Optization Assessment (VOA). This was done to make the HCA part of the VOA. Unfortunately, it appears to have been broken as the HCA link in the new VOA (7.0) links to dead pages.

    We have attempted to contact VMware support and the Partner Portal, and local field representatives for over 2 weeks. So far, we do not have anything looking like progress. Unfortunately for my company, we were in the middle of a VOA + HCA when VMware decided to “fix” this great assessment tool.

    FYI, In reviewing the updated training on the partner portal, they mention the integration of the HCA with VOA and refer to the updated training. However, the updated training is still the old training and provides no guidance on how to generate the HCA through the VOA (the training refres to the VOA process but provides no information on the HCA).

    any guidance?

    • I thought I remember them updating the partner training for this, but could be wrong. I haven’t been working with VMware partners (Distribution/Corp. Resellers) in over 15 months now. Can you give me your company name and your contact information and I will try to find out who supports you in case you have the wrong contact information. Also, what Corp. Reseller/Distribution partner do you go through normally?


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