Cohesity Initial Configuration – Basic Overview

As of October 30th, 2019, I started a new professional journey as a pre-sales Sr systems engineer with Cohesity. After six years working for VMware doing the same thing, I decided I needed a change. So far I have been very impressed with the company and our solutions.

So here is my second enablement video with Cohesity content where I provide a basic overview of an initial configuration of a Cohesity environment (version 6.1.1).


Technical 301 (DEMO) – How to Enable & Configure vSAN 6.5!

Technical 301 (DEMO) – How to Enable & Configure vSAN 6.5!


In this session, I provide a demo of enabling and configuring the latest version of Virtual SAN (vSAN) – version 6.5 from within the vSphere Web Client. It is extremely easy to enable, configure, and manage vSAN even if you are not a storage expert! I used the “Hands On Labs (HOL)” environment to demo how to enable and configure it. The specific HOL lab is the “HOL-1731-SDC-1 – vSAN v6.5: What’s New” lab. The HOL is free to use by anyone and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It is a techies playground to learn how to install, configure, and manage VMware solutions. So go out and register for an account and start using the Hands-On-Labs!

VMware vSAN is the industry-leading software powering Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions. vSAN is a core building block for the Software-Defined Data Center. There are more than 7,000 customers that have adopted vSAN in their production environments.

Enables You to Evolve Without Risk

Seamlessly extend virtualization to storage with an integrated hyper-converged solution that simply works with your overall VMware environment and reduces the risk in digital transformation by using existing tools, skillsets and solutions.

Reduces TCO

Lower total cost of ownership by 50% or more with capital and operational savings. Reduce storage CapEx with software-defined storage that leverages server-side economics and affordable flash. Avoid large capital expenses by growing-as-you-go with on-demand, granular scaling of compute and storage that delivers predictable performance and costs.

Scales to Tomorrow

Prepare for tomorrow’s dynamic business in the multi-cloud era with a solution designed to utilize the latest storage and server technologies and ready to support a wide range of applications, from current business critical applications to next-gen applications using containers.

Additional vSAN 6.5 Resources:

Technical 301 (DEMO) – How to Enable & Configure vSAN 6.5:   Click Here To Watch It!!

Step by Step Configuration Guide for Using Openfiler as Shared Storage in ESXi and vSphere Environment

Step by Step Configuration Guide for Using Openfiler as Shared Storage in ESXi and vSphere Environment – via VMware Insight

Step by Step Configuration Guide for Using…

As part of setting up Home Lab for virtual environment, we read about installation of Openfiler appliance in the previous article “Installation Guide – Openfiler as Shared Storage for Virtual Environment Lab”. Let’s move on to the configuration part and see how we can manage this appliance for accessing shared storage ESXi Hosts.

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VMware VCSA 6.5 Active-Passive Setup With…

VMware VCSA 6.5 Active-Passive Setup With Simple Configuration – [LAB] – ESX Virtualization

VMware VCSA 6.5 Active-Passive Setup With…

Today we’ll be testing the new VCSA 6.5 feature allowing to setup active-passive architecture where the active node is your usual VCSA 6.5 which manages your infrastructure, and the passive node is a node which sits there doing nothing, just receiving files from the active node. So today’s post will detail VMware VCSA 6.5 Active-Passive Setup […] Read the full post VMware VCSA 6.5 Active-Passive Setup With Simple Configuration – [LAB] at ESX Virtualization .

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Installing vRealize Network Insight

Installing vRealize Network Insight -via Michael Ryom

Installing vRealize Network Insight

Network security has been at hot topic for years. In comes NSX along with micro-segmentation and one would think that security couldn’t be any hotter, but you’ll be wrong! Que vRealize Network Insight. This is the new black that everyone has been talking about and demoing. Who am I to not join in on the fun. If you want a short introduction to vRealize Network Insight please have a look at the article I did for Starwind. You got SDN, now what vRealize Network Insight architecture vRealize…Read More

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