Transitioning to the 2019 Hands-on Labs

Transitioning to the 2019 Hands-on Labs

Transitioning to the 2019 Hands-on Labs

Once again, we had another record breaking year at VMworld US. We have a bit more time this year between VMworld US and VMworld Europe and thought we could fill that time by releasing the new labs! As we prepare to get the latest labs out to you, we want to make sure you are […] The post Transitioning to the 2019 Hands-on Labs appeared first on VMware Hands-On Lab (HOL) Blog .

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Attending VMworld And Interested In vSphere 6.5 Security? Try My “vSphere 6.5 Security – Getting Started” Lab!

Attending VMworld And Interested In vSphere 6.5 Security?

Try My “vSphere 6.5 Security – Getting Started” Lab!

If you are attending VMworld US 2017 from August 27-31st in Las Vegas, NV and you are interested in the new vSphere 6.5 Security feature sets, then I have a lab for you! I am a lab captain for the Hands On Labs and have two labs that I created for this years VMworld sessions.

These new labs as well as the many other will only be available at the VMworld US and Europe conferences initially. After both conferences are over, we slowly release most of the new labs to the public-facing Hands On Labs environment that anyone can get to with an internet connection. You will see some labs to start showing up on the public side right after VMworld and then the rest typically will be released within or month or so. No guarantee on what labs will make it to the public site and when they will show up though, that is just what I’ve typically seen over the past few years.

This is my first time as a lab captain and creating labs, so I would love to see some HUGE numbers of people taking my labs! It would make me feel good knowing that people learned something by taking my labs. If you end up taking either lab at VMworld or even after they have been released to the public-facing HOL site, let me know what you think! You can reach out to me on my social media outlets, the links to them are on the right side of the page.

Public Facing – Hands On Labs Site:

Below are the labs that I have built and a summary of each of them:

  • (HOL-1811-01-SDC) vSphere 6.5 – What’s New:
    • Description:  Explore some of the new features of vSphere 6.5 including VM Encryption, vCenter High Availability, and the new HTML5 vSphere Client. You will also learn about the improved vCenter Server Appliance and how to migrate from a Windows-based vCenter Server installation.
  • (HOL-1811-04-SDC) vSphere 6.5 Security – Getting Started:
    • Description:  Experience new security features of vSphere 6.5, including VM Encryption, Audit Quality Logging, Encrypted vMotion, Key. We also use our vRealize Log Insight solution to look at the enhanced logging of the vCenter server logs. Add Key Management Servers (KMS) to the vCenter server and create a trust between them. Then we use PowerCLI commands to encrypt/decrypt virtual machines as well as other encryption related tasks.

Don’t forget to stop into the Hands On Labs at VMworld and take some labs…see you there!




VMworld US 2017 – Hands On Labs

VMworld US 2017 – Hands On Labs

Hands On Labs


From August 27 – 31st, 2017 , VMware will be the hosting its infamous VMworld US 2017 conference that everyone waits all year long for! It is an incredible opportunity for VMware’s customers to find out about upcoming and newly released versions of our software. Many of our customers come to listen and learn from all the great presentations from VMware’s own as well as guest speakers to absorb all the information they can while at VMworld. If you would like to register for VMworld US 2017, CLICK HERE!

Another major reason for our customers and partners to come to the VMworld conferences is the Hands On Labs (HOL)! The VMware Hands-On Labs demonstrate the real value of VMware solutions in real time. As a VMworld attendee, you’ll gain special access to the latest VMware technologies without being required to purchase equipment, software or licenses. You’ll explore a wide range of today’s most exciting topics with a VMware-provided machine or your own device, all with product experts on hand to provide one-on-one guidance. Earn CloudCred points for taking labs, visiting HOL Connect and interacting with product experts, and win prizes for each level of achievement. And the best part is that anyone can register for an account and access the labs from anywhere with an internet connection! 

NOTE: The newly updated versions of the labs at the VMworld Conference are usually released to the public facing HOL site for customers within a month or two after the VMworld conferences are over. 

Register for a Hands On Labs Account: Click Here!

I have been working for VMware for just under (4) years now and have participated as a Hands On Labs staff member the entire time. Because of being a staff member, I have attended all the Partner Exchange (PEX) and VMworld US conferences during that time. This year I get the honor of going to VMworld Europe (Barcelona, Spain) for the first time as a lab captain!

Without a doubt, I can say that it has been an incredible experience working in the HOL! The entire staff except a very small amount of the staff work the labs as volunteers. Everyone of us dedicate our spare time to work on creating the numerous labs or supporting them in one way or another. We do this because we are honored to be a part of a great team and we love what we do. Working with this team is an honor for me as well as the others I am sure. The knowledge and experience of the staff can be overwhelming to me at times, just an incredible group of individuals. But everyone brings something to the table and contributes to make it an incredible event that our customers and partners want to come to on an annual basis.

Another aspect we love related to supporting the HOL is the privileged of meeting our customers and partners that come into the labs. It is a learning experience as much for us as it is them! We also offer Expert Led Workshops where you get one-on-one time with us as we run through our labs and the associated technical information on the product. But sign up for them NOW, because the slots are usually filled before VMworld starts. You do have the option to sign up on the waiting list for a workshop in the event someone does not show up for a particular workshop.

So I highly recommend that if you are attending either one of the VMworld 2017 conferences, that you come into the HOL and take at least one of our labs or workshops!

While you are there, say hello to me, I will be there supporting my labs! 


VMworld US 2017 – Content Catalog:

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VMworld EUROPE 2017 (SEP 11 – 14th):

Missed The Latest VMware Announcements In The Past Month? Check Out This Summary!

Missed The Latest VMware Announcements In The Past Month?

Check Out This Summary!



Have you been busy lately and haven’t keep up to date with the latest VMware announcements over the last month or two? If so, you have missed quite a bit! So I thought I would make it easy on you and pull together all the recent announcements related to product updates, acquisitions, promotions, partnerships, VMworld, Wanna Cry Ransomeware, etc. This summary has a lot of great information that you want to be aware. I highly recommend that you read through the full list of announcements to be sure you are aware of them.

One link I would like to draw your attention to specifically is under “Security” which takes you to a VMware blog about the “WannaCry Ransomeware” attack that swept the world on May 12th, 2017 in over 150+ countries worldwide. The article discusses how VMware’s NSX solution and its “Zero Trust” model could have helped those that were attacked mitigate this attack. This just proves how important it is that businesses consider using VMware’s NSX solution to help protect their environments from attacks in ways that other solutions can’t.


Product Announcements:




Latest Promotions/Discounts:

  • New Promotion – User Environment Manager (UEM) 9.2
  • Updated Promotion- vRealize 25% Upgrade Promotions Extended to July 29, 2017



  • WannaCry Ransomware attack that attacks Microsoft operating systems swept the world on May 12th in over 150+ countries. Below is VMware’s response on how the NSX Zero-Trust model could have helped mitigate this attack using NSX. This is a great opportunity for you to drive how critical it is to use NSX and where other solutions couldn’t provide the same protection that we can from these types of attacks.


VMware Partnerships:  


VMware Partner Accreditation’s:


VMworld 2017:


Technical 301 (DEMO) – How to Enable & Configure vSAN 6.5!

Technical 301 (DEMO) – How to Enable & Configure vSAN 6.5!


In this session, I provide a demo of enabling and configuring the latest version of Virtual SAN (vSAN) – version 6.5 from within the vSphere Web Client. It is extremely easy to enable, configure, and manage vSAN even if you are not a storage expert! I used the “Hands On Labs (HOL)” environment to demo how to enable and configure it. The specific HOL lab is the “HOL-1731-SDC-1 – vSAN v6.5: What’s New” lab. The HOL is free to use by anyone and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It is a techies playground to learn how to install, configure, and manage VMware solutions. So go out and register for an account and start using the Hands-On-Labs!

VMware vSAN is the industry-leading software powering Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions. vSAN is a core building block for the Software-Defined Data Center. There are more than 7,000 customers that have adopted vSAN in their production environments.

Enables You to Evolve Without Risk

Seamlessly extend virtualization to storage with an integrated hyper-converged solution that simply works with your overall VMware environment and reduces the risk in digital transformation by using existing tools, skillsets and solutions.

Reduces TCO

Lower total cost of ownership by 50% or more with capital and operational savings. Reduce storage CapEx with software-defined storage that leverages server-side economics and affordable flash. Avoid large capital expenses by growing-as-you-go with on-demand, granular scaling of compute and storage that delivers predictable performance and costs.

Scales to Tomorrow

Prepare for tomorrow’s dynamic business in the multi-cloud era with a solution designed to utilize the latest storage and server technologies and ready to support a wide range of applications, from current business critical applications to next-gen applications using containers.

Additional vSAN 6.5 Resources:

Technical 301 (DEMO) – How to Enable & Configure vSAN 6.5:   Click Here To Watch It!!

Build Your Very Own VMware Hands-On-Labs! (with vRA and NSX)

Build Your Very Own VMware Hands-On-Labs! (with vRA and NSX) – via Virtual Insanity

Build Your Very Own VMware Hands-On-Labs! (with…

Let’s get one thing straight: the authors of this article are HUGE fans of the VMware Hands-On-Labs (HOL). We think it’s unbelievably cool that at a moment’s notice you can spin up the newest version of vSphere, dive head-first into the vRealize Suite, or practice the latest integrations with Palo Alto Networks and Infoblox. Having essentially instant-access to cutting-edge labs is amazingly helpful.

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[Virtual Event] EUC Insights 2017

[Virtual Event] EUC Insights 2017

[Virtual Event] EUC Insights 2017

EUC Insights 2017 is coming 2/15! Sign up today for this half-day virtual event to experience hands-on labs, solution-specific breakout sessions and to hear a Digital Workspace keynote delivered by VMware SVP and General Manager, Sumit Dhawan:

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HOL Three-Tier Application, Part 1

HOL Three-Tier Application, Part 1

HOL Three-Tier Application, Part 1

This is the first post in my series about the multi-tier application we use in some of the VMware Hands-on Labs to demonstrate, among other things, network connectivity, microsegmentation and load balancing. This post will cover downloading the base operating system and performing the configuration tasks common to all of the VMs in the solution. As with anything, there are multiple ways to do this. This represents the way that worked for me.

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Test-drive the full capabilities of VMware NSX by running the advanced hands-on lab

Test-drive the full capabilities of VMware NSX by running the advanced hands-on lab

Test-drive the full capabilities of VMware NSX…

Build on the basics you learned in the intro lab. Explore multi-site virtual networking and security, NSX automation, and more.

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Test-Drive The Full Capabilities Of vSphere 6.5 By Running The New Hands-On Lab!

Test-drive the full capabilities of vSphere 6.5 by running the new hands-on lab!

Test-drive the full capabilities of vSphere 6.5…

Explore new features of vSphere 6.5 including encrypted VMs, HTML5 Host Client and the vCenter Server appliance. – See more at:

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Try VMware NSX For Free In VMware’s Hands-On Labs!

Test-drive VMware NSX right from your browser with either the free intro or advanced hands-on lab

Try VMware NSX for free with intro and…

Our Hands-on Labs provide an easy, no-cost way to evaluate the features and functionality of VMware NSX.

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There’s a Lab for That! Try VMware Products From the Convenience of Your Browser via Hands-on Labs (HOL)

There’s a Lab for That! Try VMware Products From the Convenience of Your Browser via Hands-on Labs (HOL)

There’s a lab for that! Try VMware products…

VMware Hands-on Labs demonstrate the value of VMware solutions in real-time. Get up and running with the latest HOL’s in your browser in mere minutes, via hands-on labs – no installation required.

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