Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) – Sales & Technical Overview for Partners

Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) – Sales & Technical Overview for Partners


VMware Virtual Network Assessment is a free assessment that analyzes network traffic patterns within your data center. In 24 to 72 hours the assessment delivers:

  • Insights into the security risk (amount of East-West traffic) present in your network
  • A preview of actionable NSX micro-segmentation recommendations for your network
  • Opportunities to optimize network performance with NSX

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Why should I care about East-West traffic?

Traditional approaches to securing a data center are focused on building a strong perimeter to keep threats outside the network. However, little is done to protect the network once a threat is inside the network. East-West (server-to-server) traffic accounts for more than 80% of overall data center traffic, but it’s largely unprotected, leaving you at risk. Virtual Network Assessment shows what percent of your data center traffic is “East-West” and not protected by your perimeter firewall.

How do I get started with micro-segmentation?

It can be a labor-intensive process to figure out what security policies to put in place, requiring time-consuming tasks such as identifying which servers are talking to each other and what ports are open. Virtual Network Assessment gives you a preview of how to micro-segment your network and recommends firewall rules to help you get started.

Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) Video:   Click Here!

Know the Differences Between vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) and the vRealize Network Assessment (vNA) Tool?

Know the Differences Between vRealize Network Insight (vRNI)

and the vRealize Network Assessment (vNA)?


Formerly know as…



Now VMware calls it…



vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) is the paid full version of the product, vRealize Network Assessment (VNA) is only the report/preview portion of the product, which takes 30-minutes to install.  It takes more time to install the full-product.  VNA only needs to connect to the vCenter.  vRNI, in addition to the vCenter, you also need to connect it the hardware, firewalls, etc.

REQUIREMENTS:  Must have (vDS) Virtual Distributed Switches installed in your vSphere environment  (Available in – vSphere ENT+, vSOM ENT+, & NSX Licensing)

vRealize Network Insight:  Transforms operations for NSX based on SDDC across your virtual, physical, and cloud.

  • Model security groups and distributed firewall rules. 
    • Comprehensive net flow assessment and analysis to model security groups and firewall rules
    • Recommendations to make micro-segmentation easier to deploy
    • Continuously monitor and audit compliance postures over time
  • 360-degree visibility and analytics virtual & physical network
    • Virtual and physical network topology mapping.
    • Performance Optimization across Overlay and Underlay
    • Log Analytics (with vRealize Log Insight for NSX, included with all NSX licenses)
  • Natural language search capabilities and Offers Best Practices, Health and Availability of NSX Deployment
    • Intuitive UI, Natural language search to quickly pinpoint issues
    • Log Analytics for troubleshooting
    • Best practice compliance checking (such as configuration errors in mismatch segment ID, IPset definitions, etc.)

                VMware Product Page – vRealize Network Insight:


Virtual Network Assessment (VNA):  Is a free assessment that analyzes the traffic pattern in your data center.  In 24 hours it will provide a pdf report that summarizes.

  • Insights on your security risk (amount of East-West traffic) in your environment
  • A preview of actionable micro-segmentation recommendations
  • Opportunities to optimize your network

vRealize Network Assessment (Requires VMware Partner Central login):