vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 Now Live!

vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 Now Live!


On June 13th, 2017, VMware released its updated vRealize Operation Manager 6.6 solution! VMware vRealize Operations integrated with vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Business for Cloud helps plan, manage and scale SDDC and multi-cloud environments with unified monitoring, automated performance management, cloud planning and capacity optimization. Check out the below list of enhancements that have been made to the vRealize Operations Manager solution!

Whats New?

vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 focuses on enhancing product usability, accelerating time to value and improving troubleshooting capabilities.

  • Simplified usability and faster time to value capabilities:
    • New HTML5 user interface provides an easier and consistent experience.
    • The Getting Started dashboard allows for quick navigation.
    • Persona based dashboards provides for answers in one place. Dashboards are separated into categories such as Operations, Capacity and Utilization, Performance Troubleshooting, Workload Balance, and Configuration and Compliance.
    • Out of the box integration with vSAN and vRealize Automation provides quick time to value.
  • Watch videos related to the new dashboards that are introduced with vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 here.
  • Added Native vSAN management capabilities:
    • Allows for centralized management across stretched clusters.
    • Ability for complete vSAN management, which includes administering performance, capacity, logs, and configuration and health.
  • Fully Automated Workload Balancing:
    • Ensures performance across the datacenter’s with fully automated workload balancing, across clusters and across data stores.
    • Ensures DRS Configurations and provides the option to set DRSautomation level for individual objects.
    • Predictive DRS takes action to preempt resource contention.
    • Utilizes operations analytics to optimize initial placement of workloads through vRealize Automation.
  • Watch this video for a demo about automatic workload placement.
  • Additional out-of-the-box compliance capabilities: 
    • Ability to tackle compliance problems through the new vSphere hardening dashboard
    • Extends compliance through PCI & HIPAA compliance for vSphere.
    • Ensures business configurations through new cluster, host, and VM configuration dashboards
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VMware’s Intent To Acquire Wavefront!

VMware’s Intent To Acquire Wavefront!


As no surprise to me, VMware continues to look for ways to make VMware and its solutions better and keep up with the ever changing IT and business requirements of this brave new world. So VMware has announced its intent to acquire Wavefront who is a leading vendor in metric monitoring service born in the cloud.

It is clear to me that customers are responding enthusiastically to our Cross-Cloud strategy and our Cloud Management Business Unit (CMBU) team has a central role to play as we deliver a consistent operating environment across clouds. Our team is rapidly innovating for on-premises products while we also building out our Cross-Cloud management services including costing, discovery, monitoring, root cause analysis, and visualization. To accelerate our delivery for the cloud, today I’m excited to announce our intent to acquire Wavefront, the leading metrics monitoring service for companies born in the cloud era.

Wavefront already has an impressive list of customers, and their technology allows us to leapfrog into application management of next-generation modern applications. Together with vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight, we will now be able to analyze data and offer customers end-to-end operations management for both virtual and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Continue reading the rest of the blog announcement – Click Here!


vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 1 : What’s…

vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 1 : What’s New with vROps 6.5 [vxpresss.blogspot.com]

vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 1 : What’s…

Welcome to the vRealize Operations Manager Webinar Series 2017. With the huge success of the series back in 2016, we wanted to take a break, enjoy the success and come back with full rigor for this series in 2017. We are here and we are charged up to give you some more dope on vRealize Operations manager in the year 2017.

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Technical Sales 201 – What’s New in vROPs 6.5 Enablement Video!

Technical Sales 201 – What’s New in vROPs 6.5 Enablement Video!


In this enablement session, I provide a Technical Sales 201 level overview of the recent release of vRealize Operations Manager (vROPs) 6.5. VMware vRealize Operations streamlines and automates IT operations management.  It delivers intelligent operations management from applications to infrastructure across physical, virtual and cloud environments with VMware vRealize Operations.

The enhancements in this version relate to the below (3) main categories…

  • Enhanced Scale, Performance & Deployment Options
  • Faster Time-to-Value with Integrations & Improvements
  • Expanded Collaboration & Integration


Technical Sales 201 – vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 (Enablement Video):   https://youtu.be/CWouchVZycU


For more information on vRealize Operations Manager 6.5…


vRealize Operations Management Pack For vCloud Air 3.1 Is Now Live!

vRealize Operations Management Pack For vCloud Air 3.1 Is Now Live!

I am pleased to announce that vRealize Operations Management Pack for vCloud Air 3.1 is now live at Solution Exchange.

Management Pack 3.1 extends vRealize Operations Manager to monitor vCloud Air infrastructure and adds metrics, dashboards, reports, and alerts for newly released services – Dedicated Disaster Recovery, High Performance Storage, and Hybrid Cloud Manager 2.0 U2.


  • Hybrid Disaster Recovery (aka Dedicated Disaster Recovery) dashboards, reports and alerts
    • Count and spread of VMs with replication enabled and disabled
    • Count and spread of VMs with RPO violations, including average RPO violation time
    • Breakdown of VMs by replication status, test status and recovery status
    • Ongoing replications with VM name, source, target, replication status, test status, recovery status, RPO, sync time, sync duration, and sync size
    • Ongoing replications with replication, test, or recovery errors
    • VM topology with and without replication on stretched networks
  • High Performance Storage dashboards, reports and alerts for IOPs, quotas, and violations
  • Hybrid Cloud Manager 2.0 U2 dashboards, reports and alerts
    • Monitoring and alerts for Hybrid Cloud Manager SD-WAN fleet components – Cloud Gateway, High Throughput Layer-2 Concentrator, and WAN optimizer
    • Health and status of Hybrid Cloud Manager components, tunnel, and virtual machine migrations
    • Dashboards and reports for migration planning – Low and No-downtime workload migration and tracking





  • vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud or VPC Subscription
  • vRealize Operations Manager 6.x

Download Landing Page:  Solution Exchange


vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Applications version 6.4

vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Applications version 6.4 – via VMware EUC Blog

vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published…

This blog post introduces new support for monitoring VMware App Volumes, View in VMware Horizon 7, and VMware Access Point. The first blog in this series introduced what is new in VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Applications 6.4.

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New vSAN Management Pack for vRealize Operations

New vSAN Management Pack for vRealize Operations – via CormacHogan.com

New vSAN Management Pack for vRealize Operations

Last month we announced the release of a new vROps Management Pack specifically for vSAN. Previously the vSAN Management Pack was bundled with the MPSD – Management Pack for Storage Devices. I wrote about this when it entered beta, way back in 2015. Well, for those customers who are only interested in monitoring vSAN, and didn’t want all the other parts of the MPSD, the new vSAN Management Pack is now a stand-alone offering, so no MPSD required.

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